Online casinos in New Zealand

By 23 January 2021

For too long the state of online gambling in New Zealand has been in flux. Online Roulette players have had to run the gamut of unscrupulous casino operators to get their fix of this popular online game for too long. Due to the online gambling industry being badly regulated and shrouded in unclear legislation, New Zealand Roulette players have been taken advantage of by casino operators that stall with their withdrawals and offer games that have not been certified as fair. All this is now going to change as a legal breed of online casino is poised to enter the New Zealand market. Over 50 legal and fair European online casinos carrying the MGA casino license will be bringing fair Roulette games to the local market. Just do a search for nz-onlinecasino to find comparison sites that weight these casinos up and evaluate their highest-paying games.

Where did Roulette originate?

Roulette was invented by the French by mistake. Blaise Pascal wanted to invent a perpetual motion machine and in the process invented an early form of the Roulette wheel. This wheel together with the mechanics of the Italian game of chance, Biribi, became a fore-runner of what is today known as Roulette. The single zero version of the game remained popular in Europe and it wasn't until the Americans got hold of it that an additional zero was added to their version of the game in order to raise the house edge and of course, the profit that the casino was set to earn from the game. The double zero version of Roulette was henceforth know as American Roulette and became very popular on the Las Vegas strip while the single zero European Roulette remained popular with European casinos.

  1. 17th century - Failed perpetual motion machine
  2. 18th century - First Roulette version in France
  3. 19th century - Single Zero Roulette in Germany
  4. 20th century - Double Zero Roulette in USA

This geographic divide between the two variants of Roulette was essentially erased when gambling moved over to the Internet. Players could now just select a Roulette variant from wherever and play. The first online casinos started gaining momentum in the mid 1990s and Roulette remained popular with the players. In fact the popularity increased and players did not have to deal with the restrictions of waiting for tables to open up in order to play. When Live Dealer Roulette was introduced, players were lucky enough to get an element of land-based casinos back in their gameplay with a live person spinning the wheel. In addition, players could now interact with the dealers through chat technology to retain a form of the social element of Roulette. A good thing for Roulette players is that Roulette rules have not changed at all over the centuries so there was nothing new to learn.

How can I beat Roulette in New Zealand?

There are certain steps to follow when aiming to reduce the house edge that Roulette has over the player. Firstly, join a European Roulette table with a low minimum table limit. European Roulette features a single zero as opposed to the American Roulette version that features an additional zero but has higher payout odds. Secondly the player should opt to bet on the Outside bet options of the Roulette table. These have higher odds of winning but pays out less. A good Roulette strategy for beginner Roulette player is the Martingale betting strategy. This strategy dictates that you double your bet amount when you lose and return to your original bet when you win. Starting with a small NZ$1.00 bet and playing Roulette via a simulator will allow you to get the hang of this strategy to prepare you when there is real money at stake.

  • Play European Roulette
  • Table with a low minimum limit
  • Bet on Outside bets
  • Start with a strategy in mind
  • Play for free at first

We have seen that online gambling has traditionally been a torrid affair in New Zealand due to confusing legislation and legal criteria. This is changing now that about 50 new European online casinos have been allowed to take NZ$ bets. Roulette has been a long-time favourite with casino players and the move of the game online, allowed more variety in play. In order for players to reduce the advantage that the house has over them in Roulette, it is advised that they brush up on the rules and bet options in Roulette by playing for free at an online casino. Furthermore, players can employ basic Roulette strategy such as a Martingale playing strategy to increase their advantage. The more prepared you are to tackle online Roulette at the new casinos, the more chance you'll have of bigger payouts and the more fun you'll have.