Ways an Online Casino Ensures Security and Fairness for Players

By 23 January 2021

Casino operators have a vested interested in ensuring their casinos such as https://www.amberleafdesigns.com/ , are secure and fair. Here is what they do to achieve this at their casinos:

What About a Random Number Generator?

A random number generator is a code written by the software developer that helps in translation of random numbers while at the casino to ensure random outcomes.

How Doe RNG Ensure Fairness?

It helps in transmission of random numbers each time a player tries a new casino game. The random numbers generated translate into random outcomes each time a player spins.

Can RNG be Tampered?

The RNG is made up of complex computer algorithms which the house lacks the technicla know-how on how to tamper with it to make the house edge.

  • RNG is fixed
  • RNG is complex algorithms


What About Licensing?

Licensing is the most used way that online casinos use to ensure to its players that the casino games are fully secure and fair for them.

The licensing procedures proves that the casino operators are complying with the international laws of gambling. It is a statement of quality of their casino games.

Who Performs Licensing?

International regulatory bodies carry out the licensing of these online casinos. The regulatory bodies carry out assessments to ensure compliance with gambling laws while at the casino.

What are Some Notable Regulatories?

In case you are at the site's page, check through the licensing bodies. Some notable names in the industry are UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

  • Adreney Gambling Control
  • Gilbraltar Authority

What Does These Bodies Do?

These regulatory bodies are in charge of testing and approving the casino games found at the online casino. It carries assessments of the winning percentages for the games.

What About Auditing?

Since the RNG is fixed, it needs some auditing over some time to ensure it is acting up to standard while at the casino in rolling out wins.

Auditing Casino Commissions

This is where the auditing casino commissions step in to ensure that the casinos are operating within its jurisdiction in rolling out wins to its online players.

Some notable names in auditing of the RNG at online casinos includes the eCOGRA and the TST firm in Canada. These firms test the RNGs to ensure it meets fairness.

What About Return to Player Percentages?

Return to player percentages is a way which the casino clearly states how much winnings a player can get from playing a certain casino game to real money.

It refers to the percentage of winnings which is player can win which is payable by the casino. It clearly spells out the winning percentages for the casino players.

  • Attached to variance
  • Fixed with house advantage

The return to player percentages clearly spells out what percentage of your winnings goes to your pocket. The house edge is also part of the return to player percentages.

Can the House Cheat?

The casino operators have an in-built mathematical advantage in all their online casino games before a player even selects a particular casino game and win real money.

Therefore, this eliminates the need of the house to tamper with their casino games to make house advantage or boost their profit margins from the player's winnings.

However, we cannot rule out the presence of unscrupulous dealers that take advantage of their players. That is why we recommend playing from licensed and regulated casinos.